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Singer Songwriter Round

2:15 - 3:15

Singer Songwriter Round

Cree Mo
Chris Moore, aka Cree Mo by many, has been a part of the Athens music scene since 1997. He played with The Spins and sang with a Zeppelin cover band called The Moby Dicks, and an AC/DC band called Powerload. His solo material is lyrically confessional with tones of blues, old school soul and the roar of rock-n-roll. Cree Mo’s son, Josh describes his dad’s vocal style as part Chris Cornell and part Bon Scott. Sting has been mentioned. Athens’ beloved sausage dawg man, JB once said Cree Mo sounded like Sam Cooke.

Betsy Franck
Betsy Franck is a soulful Americana Blues singing, guitar playing, songwriter. This Virginia native settled in the North GA mountains, after spending four years in Nashville TN, and over a decade in Athens, GA., performing and recording 5 studio albums.

Betsy’s discography consists of broad genre spanning styles. She spent a few years in Bat Cave, NC listening and picking bluegrass tunes whilst honing her songwriting skills after leaving Charleston, SC where she played to the seasonal crowds (7) nights a week. That pocket of time changed the trajectory of her music. “Sweeping up the Porch” is a great example of the soulful vocals mixed with that mountain sound. She began recording her second album “Held up by Progress” in 2002 with John Keane in Athens, GA. There are remnants of bluegrass and a southern rock twinge to the songs and the band from that era.
Athens proved to be a good move as it was easy to team up with fellow creators on every corner. The next album “Still Waiting” has the americana blues rock her music still echoes today. “This Far” is the first recording without the BareKnuckle Band. This collection of songs were focused more on songwriting and pairing down the big band sound featuring acoustic instruments with ballads touching back on that familiar mountain tone that is ever present in her songwriting. “Words”, "Only Child", "From Here", and "Downhearted" are the most recent releases, recorded in Nashville with Grammy Award winning producer Brandon Bell.

Betsy has been performing with the Athens rock band Bloodkin since the early 2000’s, and since the passing of lead singer Danny Hutchens, has taken on a greater role performing with the band on a regular basis promoting their newest release “Black Market Tango”. Eric Carter, co-founder of Bloodkin, has enlisted the help of Betsy and good friend and musical cohort Tori Pater to cover the large catalogue of the infamous Athens band.

In addition to playing her own music and lending her gospel strong vocals to various projects, she continues to pour energy into keeping live music at the forefront of her efforts through intimate small gatherings called BFranckProductions, that focus on food music and how to bring assistance and awareness to various nonprofit organizations.

Betsy is currently fine tuning her next album to be released in the Spring of 24' and is filling her time with as many private concerts, festival appearances, and songwriting workshops that she can fit in.

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Justin Brogdon
Unable to be encapsulated by a single title, Justin Brogdon is many forms of an artist… a singer, a guitarist, a songwriter, an entertainer. Listeners become captivated by the familiarity of the unfolding story lines in his songs, which share his perception of the daily tribulations in the lives which we all lead. Drawing from his own personal experiences with life, this artist creates a storyboard of imagery… pain, heartache, love, and passion.

Along with his soulful voice, Brogdon’s engaging stage presence is distinctly his own, and yet, there’s a familiarity about him that you can’t quite put your finger on. Honesty and candor onstage create a rapport with his audience, making him feel more like that of an old friend, than an entertainer. The influences of Justin’s musical career are a by-product of his parent’s eclectic musical taste. As a child he was exposed to everything from his mother’s R&B albums, to his fathers classic rock collections. These influences germinated Justin’s own blending of genres, resonating in a vintage rock sound with modern, infectious touch.

As the frontman of Athens, GA based rock trio The Royal Velvet, Brogdon draws on influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Soundgarden to create an original rock sound that has been compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Stereophonics, and Kings of Leon.

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