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Pickled Holler

3:30 - 4:15

Pickled Holler

Pickled Holler is the story of a man, and a woman, and sometimes some other people, but don't worry this isn't a dirty story. Unless you count all of the dirty picks, muddy traveling shoes, and rustic tales from dusty eras both old and new.

Matthew and Jessica Williams and their friends have been singing these songs from the Pickled Holler(rumored to lie somewhere between Carrollton, Americus, and Athens, GA-but that depends on who you ask) for many years, and expect to continue just as long as there are people who like to smile, dance and listen to great songs.

Matt and J have been blessed to join so many musical heros on the live stage throughout the years including Wynonna Judd, Mike Mills, Kevn Kinney, Jim Lauderdale, Jeff Mosier, David Blackmon, Leftover Salmon, Jason Carter, Larry and Jenny Keel, Jimmy Herring, Oteil Burbridge and countless more.

Each Pickled Holler show is played with humble yet fierce intention and provides a unique listening experience.

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